A Classic CVC Experience

A Classic CVC Experience

Your Juice, Your Way

25 hours ago, we were thrilled to announce our re-designed bottles and process that we were ready to launch.  You very quickly spoke, and we listened.
Beginning immediately, we're discontinuing the boosters and reverting to our classic CVC bottles. If and when the boosters are re-released, they will be much lower in strength and handled in a new section of our site, which we will designate as a nicotine concentrate for experienced DIY'ers.

For now, because we modeled our inventory stock to be all 0mg/mL bottles, we're going to have to take some time to re-stock.  We'll be sporadically posting and updating our inventory as we get a re-count of our nicotine-diluted style bottles, and are currently working on getting a full re-stock ASAP, but we will not be posting anything we don't currently have on hand and ready to ship.  

If you recently purchased your product and have not yet received tracking, you should have an e-mail waiting on you from us with next steps for your order. 

The sale will continue to run through the weekend, but be aware we mostly have 0mg in stock, with some 3mg/mL bottles (mostly in Jinx, Bettie, Bebe, Lizzy) scattered throughout.  We will be updating this nightly and adding a re-stock notice app for you guys that are waiting.  If there are any other suggestions or things you'd like to see added to the site, to your package, in your order notes, anywhere really - please feel free to contact us via e-mail - support@centerfoldvapeco.com.  Thanks again for letting us know how you felt, and better, making sure we acted on it.  You guys are incredible <3

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