**UPDATED 9/15/2020**

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As many of you know, the PMTA deadline for tobacco product submissions was September 9th, 2020. 

We operate this website as a retailer that gets our products directly from manufacturers of several products, including the Centerfold Vape (CVC) and o2pur lines of e-juice.

Based on the current regulations, at this point in time, we do not expect to get any new products from CVC or O2pur that have Nicotine in them.

Once our stock CVC and O2pur e-liquid with nicotine is gone, we will hopefully continue to get CVC and O2pur e-liquid in 0mg, potentially with nicotine shots or something similar.

We're not sure what the exact solution will be, but we look forward to navigating our way through this regulatory landscape, and continuing to provide you with the best value possible for premium e-liquid!

Starting on Tuesday September 14th, 2020, all CVC and o2pur e-liquids will be available for full MSRP until the inventory is gone.

Thanks for all your support!



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